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About Us

Torquejet Services is a Gujarat owned high pressure hydro jet company, which provides customers with top-class industrial services.

Torquejet Hydro jet has the latest technology and equipment to cope with all your needs in the industrial and commercial sectors

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Torquejet Services is a high pressure industrial water blasting company that provides the highest quality services to our customers throughout Gujarat and other states.

Our experienced staff and hands-on management approach allows us to enjoy a great reputation and maintain long term customer satisfaction.

Torquejet Services constantly aims to be top mobile high pressure water blasting company.


Torquejet is your preferred choice for high pressure hydro blasting and surface preparation services. Whether it is for large or small scale industrial, commercial, or residential projects. Torquejet will provide you service that is unparalleled, with nothing less than your complete satisfaction as their goal.

Torquejet continually strives to provide clients with quality services. Our staff is dedicated to serving and providing you with a level of professionalism and efficiency that has become a hallmark of the company.

Torquejet’s quality fleet of hydro jetting equipment is completely prepared to deliver hydro based cleaning solutions to any project regardless of its size or complexity. With regular routine checks and maintenance schedules, Torquejet ensures that you remain productive by eliminating downtime due to breakdowns and faulty equipment. We strive for minimum disruption to the client and the environment.

Torquejet Services pays special attention to safety. With strict adherence to standards and with a dedicated, certified and qualified staff that is passionate about what they do, Torquejet can guarantee you the best service in the industry.

Torquejet hydro jetting systems are suitable for solving almost any problem related to industrial cleaning such as Surface preparation Pipe, Tube bundle cleaning Tank, Demolition De-scaling, De-greasing and De-burring. It is perfectly suitable for cleaning solutions in all type of industrial sectors.

“Service that is unparalleled,
With nothing less than your complete satisfaction”