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  • ♦ Ultra Pressure Hydro Blaster Pump
  • Type: High Pressure Triplex Plunger Pump (Heavy Duty)
  • Helical Gear: Double helical, nitride hardened and precision ground for extremely long life and durability


Torquejet has many of accessories to put the power of high-pressure water to work for you. Each is the result of decades of water jetting experience, and all meet the highest quality and safety standards.

Complete line of system accessories to match the performance and liquid construction of each pump.

  • ♦ Various high pressure nozzles.

   We have nozzles for simple clean up jobs right through to rotating hard-hitting nozzles for concrete scale demolition.

  • ♦ We can run up to 2 guns at 15,000 psi at one time, which makes big jobs with tight time restraints very achievable.
  • ♦ And many more upgrade accessories.

Safety Features:

  • ♦ Total flameproof equipment. (Test Certified)
  •   a) Electric motor Flameproof.
  •   b) Electric control panel with flameproof box and separate flameproof starter with auto cut off for low pressure system & high pressure.
  •   c) Booster pump - Flame proof with Electric motor.
  • ♦ One safety valve is provided at discharge line for safety purpose to notify the operator when pressure increased beyond its maximum working pressure. (Test Certified)
  • ♦ Oil temperature switch is provided with pump.
  • ♦ Forced feed lubrication system with small heat exchanger for continues cooling of oil.
  • ♦ Pressure switch at suction of pump to avoid dry-running of pump.
  • ♦ Pressure switch at discharge side of pump to avoid pump running at high pressure than working pressure.
  • ♦ Safety foot valve to control pressure.

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