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Industries we serve

We do contracts in the following Industries:

  • Petro Chemical Industry

  • Bulk Drug & Pharmaceuticals

  • Chemical Industry

  • Sugar Industry

  • Power Plants

We undertake the following Industrial Cleaning Contracts on Turnkey basis:

  • ♦ Heat exchangers tubes bundle inside cleaning
  • ♦ Evaporator tubes cleaning
  • ♦ Condensers tubes cleaning
  • ♦ Boiler tubes cleaning
  • ♦ Product pipe line cleaning
  • ♦ Sewer pipe line cleaning
  • ♦ Filter cleaning
  • ♦ Surface preparation
  • ♦ Sludge removal from oil storage tanks
  • ♦ Cleaning of the plant during annual shut down
  • ♦ Service & reconditioning of vehicle mounted systems (like Jet rodder, Gulper & Monster)
  • ♦ Floor cleaning
  • ♦ etc.


Comprehensive applications of hydro jet

Hydrojet's high-pressure water jetting systems are suitable for solving almost any problem related to industrial cleaning such as Surface preparation Pipe, Tube bundle cleaning Tank, Demolition De-scaling, De-greasing and De-burring. It is perfectly suitable for cleaning solutions in all industrial sectors.

Chemical, Petrochemical

  • ♦ Internal cleaning of autoclaves, storage tanks, reactor vessels, agitators, crude oil tanks, distillation towers
  • ♦ Cleaning tube bundles, cooling plant
  • ♦ Decontamination, disinfection
  • ♦ Pipe and drain cleaning
  • ♦ Cleaning spray towers, dryers, filter stations
  • ♦ Pressure testing vessels, pipelines, valves
  • ♦ Cleaning production plant, vehicles, workshops etc.

Pharmaceutical & Bulk Drug Industries

  • ♦ Cleaning of Reactors and Auto Claves
  • ♦ Cleaning of Centrifuges
  • ♦ Heat Exchanger tubes

Power Generation

  • ♦ Cleaning drains, pipework, ash water lines, exhaust gas pipes
  • ♦ Cleaning tube bundles, condensers, coolers
  • ♦ Cleaning coal bunkers, clarification and sedimentation basins, oil tanks, smokestacks, cooling towers
  • ♦ Cleaning boilers and boiler pipework
  • ♦ Cleaning and rubber stripping from flue gas lines, gas washers, desulphurization plant, air and water filter
  • ♦ Cleaning conveyors

Iron & Steel Industry

  • ♦ Primary and secondary descaling in rolling mills
  • ♦ Coke oven cleaning
  • ♦ Billet mould cleaning
  • ♦ Pipes, drain, sieve, filter and tank cleaning

Paper Industry

  • ♦ Continuous washing of felts, fabric sieves, bands, suction rollers, cylindrical sieves, scoring rollers and the like in the manufacture of paper, cardboard, hardboard, fiberboard, cellolose etc.
  • ♦ Water jet cutting of paper, cardboard, fiber board, paper, felt, corrugated board Cleaning pipework, tanks, tube bundles

Aluminum Industry

  • ♦ Cleaning heat exchangers and tubes
  • ♦ Removing encrusted deposits from pipelines
  • ♦ Removing extremely hard and thick waste deposits from production plant
  • ♦ Removing coatings and rust from plant and machinery
  • ♦ Filter cleaning

Cement, Construction, Highways

Cement Industry:

High-pressure water is very effective when having to clean cement deposits. Remove dirt, grease & product accumulations on floors, grates, walls, external piping, concrete trucks, handling equipment & bins.

Construction Industries:

Natural gas pipe lines for construction or repair, cutting concrete sections, preparing surfaces for new coatings, cleaning, prepping bridges and parking areas. Cleaning concrete form work and rebar. High-pressure water is also used for hydro excavation and for scarifying concrete surfaces.


Removal of oil, vegetation, mud, tar, cement, lime or asphalt. Roadside maintenance, such as safety barriers and culverts.

Airport, Marine, Railroad


Airports - preferred method of removing tire rubber, oils, and line striping from airfields.


Removing marine growth and paint from private ships, commercial vessels, and military frigates before new layers of friction-reducing and protective coatings are applied.


Gypsum, potash, cement, lime in hopper cars, removal of grease, dirt and deposits in truck and undercarriages.

Breweries, Dairy Factories, Pulp & Timber


Cleaning of yeast build up, sediments and fermentation residues on vats, pipes, storage tanks, kegs, filter presses, coolers, and evaporators.

Dairy Factories:

Cleaning of floors, containers and machinery, evaporators, coolers, tanks, trucks.

Pulp & Timber:

Cleaning of grease, oil, pitch dirt and wood pulp from heat exchangers.

Tubes, suction rolls, stock chests and lines. Build up of paper from around machinery.

Automotive, Mining, Steel Mills

Automotive Industries:

High pressure water blasting is ideal for cleaning paint and grease from walls, floors, machinery, grating and conveyors.


Cleaning clogged plant machinery due to rock dust, coal, mud or oil.

Maintenance cleaning of dumpers, draglines, underground haulage lines & shafts.

Steel Mills:

Water scale, coke, ore or lime in heat exchangers, flues, boilers, open hearths, furnaces, chutes and hoppers.

Surface Preparation

  • ♦ Surface preparation is the process by which sound, clean and suitably roughened surfaces are produced on concrete substrates. This process includes the removal of unsound concrete and bond-inhibiting films, strength verification, opening the pore structure, and establishing profiles suitable for the application of the specified protective system.


Paint Removal:

High pressure water blasting provides speed and versatility in removing paint coatings in multiple layers. The flow and pressure can be adjusted to remove paint coatings to the desired level. Surface rust and scale can be removed with very little effort giving a good surface to repair or recoat.

With toxic and chemical based products there is normally a large quantity of contaminates left that require special disposal. With water unlike sand, water can be treated/recycled and reused leaving only the toxic paint alone for disposal.

Hydro Demolition:

In many situations water blasting has huge benefits of being able to remove concrete with avoiding the vibration associated with equipment such as jackhammers that will damage surrounding material. Hydro demolition is used to remove sub-standard concrete while leaving your steel reinforcing and mesh undamaged but very clean.

Concrete Scarification:

We use this application to scratch through the top layer of old damaged concrete to provide a suitable surface for new concrete to bind onto. This process keeps the structural integrity without destroying the original structure.

Pipe and Tube Cleaning:

High-pressure water blasting for various diameters and types of pipes. Cleaning of tube bundles for the removal of build up and contaminates.

Abrasive Cutting:

Water blasting can be used as a cutting tool and is uniquely suited to situations with gas and other flammable materials where heat or sparks are a dangerous option.

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